The Caplan-Bensley Foundation's (CBF) overall goal is to help families in need nourish their beloved pet-dogs at home, keeping them out of a shelter. 

Our Jazzy’s Place initiative was established in 2013 to provide individuals and families in need - along with their canine companions - a safe, comfortable and well-nourished life on earth.

The program’s primary objective is to make complementary dog food available to those facing difficult times, so that no family ever has to abandon their beloved pet. Both owners and their lifelong pet-dogs can now live comfortably together, thereby “Saving both ends of the Leash”

Jazzy’s Place supplements human food banks with pet-food. Food bank contributors can now have greater confidence that their donations will benefit both families and their pets in times of hardship. Now families will not have to take food off the table to feed their pet-dogs.

CBF believes the most optimized and cost-effective distribution channel to help those in need is through the Feeding America program and their network of regional Food Banks supporting local food pantries.

The Caplan-Bensley Foundation has developed an efficient distribution method for delivering dog food to families in need that are compatible with existing human food accounting and distribution practices. By establishing proper audit and controls, we are best able to channel grant awards to participating pantries for the benefit of individuals, families and their pet-dogs.

This program has since been adopted and successfully implemented by a number of food banks, and continues to add Feeding America members. Food banks across the country have been adding new pantries each year expanding their base of dog-food recipients.

We have recently initiated a complementary program with the Colorado Pet Pantry. This cooperation has added both food banks and nonprofit groups in Colorado, and in turn, has helped a considerable number of individuals, and families with their pet-dogs.

The Colorado Pet Pantry partners with local Food Banks, churches, and other nonprofit groups to leverage clients that are already vetted, significantly reducing work and administrative costs.

Most food banks are space constrained, and prioritize feeding individuals and families especially during this time of food inflation and insecurity. The CBF is seeking to establish complementary initiatives similar to the Colorado program that would provide dog food.

When people experience hardships, they often are forced to choose between feeding themselves, their loved ones, or their pet. By giving grants that provide dog food to those in need, Jazzy’s Place provides an immediate and lasting solution to those individuals and families facing this dilemma.

Keeping dogs out of shelters not only saves the life of the dog, but also brings a huge relief to the owner who can enjoy living with their canine companion and continue to receive the great benefits of that bond.  This enables dog owners to care for their beloved life-long pet for the remainder of its life, rather than going to a shelter, or being homeless with an unknown fate.

​Jazzy's PLACE Dog Food Initiative