Food Bank Grant Eligibility.

Instructions for Food Bank Participants


Food Bank applicants must be a member of the Feeding America program. Grant amounts will vary depending on the number of participating pantries and the estimated total amount of dog-food to be distributed during the initial year.

The Caplan-Bensley Foundation provides grants directly to Food Banks who are prepared to fulfill the spirit and objectives of the Jazzy’s Place program.

These grants are distributed directly to each individual participating Food Bank on a continuing annual basis. These funds must be used solely to offset the permitted shared-maintenance cost for dog-food that the pantries would otherwise have to pay the Food Bank.   

Funds are only to be used for dog-food received from your own internal product sourcing. Participating Food Banks must have an existing organizational structure and product sourcing program in place for procuring and distributing donated and salvage dog-food.

The Jazzy’s Place grant program is available to all Food Banks and pantries that do not have an existing financial sponsor or benefactor providing for dog-food.

Grants are not intended to be provided to animal shelters, but instead the CBF strongly encourages shelters to find forever homes for their dogs.

Grant funds must only be used for dog food. The CBF is concerned that providing similar grants for cat food invites participants that would feed feral cats. This is a major problem in many areas, bringing more feral cats into that locality, and potentially raising serious local conflicts. The CBF seeks to avoid this socially sensitive issue, choosing to limit this program only to dogs.

Participating pantries are encouraged to submit testimonials from clients and/or staff regarding the impact of this program on their lives and well-being. These testimonials should be transmitted directly to the CBF.

At year-end, The CBF will provide the Food Bank with an annual summary form to complete which lists the shared-maintenance costs attributable to the procurement of dog-food for their participating pantries. The CBF will use this information to determine the grant for the following year.


The Caplan Bensley Foundation provides participating Food Banks with funds to put on account to offset the shared-maintenance costs associated with providing dog-food to their participating network of member pantries.

Funds must be used solely for the purpose of offsetting the shared-maintenance cost otherwise incurred by the food pantry in providing salvage or donated dog food to their member clients.

Interested food banks sign-up for the program by completing the 
Food Bank Information
form. After personalizing the attached
Agency Application Form for your food bank, this is sent to all agencies asking those interested in participating to complete and return it to you.

When you have received all completed Agency Applications they should be scanned and emailed to the CBF, along with your completed Food Bank Information form to the Caplan-Bensley Foundation at

Once pantries are enrolled, there is no further paperwork to participate, and agencies will be continuously enrolled unless they decide to withdraw. New Agencies can be added to the eligible list at any time.

Funds are to be administered through a pooled grant which is applied to offset the shared-maintenance costs that would otherwise be incurred when eligible Agencies place orders for any donated or salvage dog-food received from your own product-sourcing efforts.