We have formulated and optimized what is a very efficient and cost-effective means for providing dog food to needy families.

We believe that the most efficient and cost effective distribution channel to help those in need is through the food banks that are part of the Feeding America program and their network of food pantries. Furthermore, we are totally compatible with their existing human food accounting and distribution procedures.

We have arranged for the acquisition of sufficient quantities of high quality dog food at low cost (Tuffy’s Premium Gold).

We have established a means for audit and controls so as to ensure that the awarding of grants to the individual pantries by the Caplan Bensley Foundation is efficiently channeled in the most cost effective manner. 

About the foundation


The Caplan-Bensley Foundation is a family focused non-profit organization that believes at-risk people and vulnerable animals are all members of their family. CBF is providing dog food to families who are struggling, and thereby saving the life of a dog in need.

In an effort to help those in need keep the pets they love at home, the Caplan-Bensley Foundation launched the Jazzy’s Place Dog Food Initiative.

Operations & Controls

The mission of the Caplan-Bensley Foundation (CBF) is to promote and support a society made stronger through the elimination of wasteful practice, where every resource and every life, human and animal, is valued.

Our primary initiative at present is Jazzy’s Place which provides dog food to food banks so that no family in need should ever have to give up a beloved pet.

Our mission