In an effort to help families keep the pets they love at home, the Caplan- Bensley Foundation (CBF) launched the Jazzy’s Place Dog Food Initiative. Our primary objective for Jazzy’s Place is to provide dog food so that no family in need will ever have to give up their beloved pet.


The Caplan-Bensley Foundation provides dog food to families who are struggling, and thereby saving the life of a dog in need. We understand that when people experience hardships, they may be forced to choose between providing for themselves, their loved ones, or their pet. By giving dog food to those in need, Jazzy’s Place provides an immediate solution to people facing this dilemma.

CBF Cares About Families & Their Pets


“Providing free dog food to people may not sound like much, but when you see the relief in the eyes of people as they pick up the food then you realize the pain and worry of being in a situation where you are struggling to provide your pet with food. We want to take this weight off people’s shoulders, let them know that they can come to Jazzy’s Place to get dog food, and that they will not have to surrender their dog to a shelter or let it go hungry for lack of resources. I am really proud of what we are doing, we are showing people someone truly cares about what they are going through and understands the love they have for their pets, and we are making sure those pets stay safe by their owner’s side.”                      
      Ronnie Honigsbaum

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