Stories from a food pantry manager:

Before the opening of Jazzy’s Place, we use to hear so many sad stories of how difficult it was to support their dogs. Now since the inception of Jazzy’s Place, we hear so many wonderful happy stories and their continual thank you for saving their dogs.

  • We have a new client who came in very hesitantly for food. He had just been laid off from a job of many years. He was extremely concerned about himself, his wife and his two children having enough to eat. We were, of course, happy to help him with that. While he was registering, one of the volunteers asked him if he had a dog. Tears came to his eyes and he said they did, but they were looking for a home for the dog as they couldn’t afford to continue to feed her. When we told him we had a dog food section called Jazzy’s Place and that we would supply the food, his eyes lit up with relief. He said that they had had the dog since the birth of their first child who was now eight and that he was so happy that he wouldn’t have to tell his son that they couldn’t keep their dog.

  • An older woman who uses our food pantry, as well as Jazzy’s Place, was scheduled to have an operation. She came to us and told us that her medical cost for prescriptions was going to be higher for a while. She said that if we weren’t there to help her with her dog food costs, she would never have been able to keep her dog. She said she had neighbors to help her with the care of her dog, but not with food.

  • A mother comes to the pantry with her four children on a fairly regular basis. Three of her boys had found a sick, abandoned dog. They called the shelter and were able to arrange for the dog to have treatment. They knew that they would be unable to afford food for the dog but they also knew about our dog food program so were able to keep the dog. The dog and the children are thrilled and thankful for Jazzy’s Place.


  • One of our clients at the pantry is a single mom. She comes in with her daughter. They always wanted a dog but knew there was no way they could afford to feed a dog. Once they saw that Jazzy’s Place had been established at Country Kids, they were able to go to the shelter and adopt a dog. Now all three of them are enjoying each other thanks to Jazzy’s Place.

  • This is our family dog, Luna, who is a great addition to our

          family. I found that her original owner left her alone all day & 

          into the night. She adjusted well to our family and was only

          with us a few months when I lost my job. I thought we might

          have to give her away as I was afraid I could not afford to

          feed her. I found my local food pantry, Country Kids 4H

          Food Pantry, could help us with food for our Luna through

          a program called Jazzy’s Place. I am so grateful that the

          Country Kids 4H Food Pantry has such a wonderful way to

          help my family including my Luna. I couldn’t bare the

          thought of losing her and my family is so much better with

          Luna in it.