​Jazzy's PLACE Dog Food Initiative

Caplan-bensley Foundation Dog Food initiative

The Caplan-Bensley Foundation (CBF) believes that the most efficient and cost effective distribution channel to help those in need is through the food banks that are part of the Feeding America program and their network of food pantries. Our initial program is in cooperation with the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York, where we currently have 40 food pantries taking part in this initiative.

We have formulated and optimized what is a very efficient and cost-effective means for providing dog food to needy families, and are totally compatible with existing human food accounting and distribution practices. 

We have established a means for audit and controls so as to ensure that the awarding of grants to the individual pantries by the Caplan Bensley Foundation is efficiently channeled in the most cost effective manner -- and have arranged for the acquisition of sufficient quantities of high quality dog food at low cost .
​CBF board member Ronnie Honigsbaum, who volunteers at Jazzy’s Place, explains: 

“Providing free dog food to people may not sound like much, but when you see the relief in the eyes of people as they pick up the food then you realize the pain and worry of being in a situation where you are struggling to provide your pet with food. We want to take this weight off people’s shoulders, let them know that they can come to Jazzy’s Place to get dog food, and that they will not have to surrender their dog to a shelter or let it go hungry for lack of resources. I am really proud of what we are doing, we are showing people someone truly cares about what they are going through and understands the love they have for their pets, and we are making sure those pets stay safe by their owner’s side."